Thrift Store Adventures and Foxy Ladies

So Yesterday I went to a thrift store. I found lots of great stuff and I am really excited about it! Some of it needs to be altered a little bit but hey! Even better! I could use a fun project.

I found these great macramé lawn chairs. I think they might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Their new home will be in my living room because they are way to cool to be outside.

I also picked up two vintage Pendleton jackets. I’m a sucker for Pendleton. Hmm, what to do with them…

A few great sweaters…

And my personal favorite, this polka dot dress. I’ve already chopped, hemmed, and altered it so I could wear it out last night!

So speaking of last night, I went downtown to see some of my friends make music. Drew Kelly, Those Clever Foxes, A Fire with Friends, and The Fox Method all sounded beautiful. You can see for yourself on Facebook if you’d like!

Here is A Fire with Friends.

These are the ladies of The Fox Method.

Today i’m working on some projects and snuggling with my dog, Margot. How do you spend your weekends? This is always the best part of mine.

Love, Rachael


The start of something new.

If you’re reading this then I’m a very lucky girl. Chances are I don’t know you, maybe you are a family member or a friend and then obviously I do, but chances are you are someone I’ve never met. So somehow you stumbled upon my blog. Maybe something about it caught your eye and made you want to look further. Maybe you Google searched something and it brought you here. Maybe you are just bored. Anyway, welcome. I feel really lucky to start this friendship with you. I guess the first part of friendship is introductions. We should probably get to know each other. I’ll start.

My name is Rachael. I live in a small town near Scranton, PA. Have you heard of Scranton? If so, it probably had something to do with that TV show The Office, or St. Patrick’s Day, or trains… Anyway, I’m an artist, although it’s not what I do for a living. I have a dog named Margot and really great friends. I have a roommate named Michele. Her dog’s name is Gordon. I’m a big nerd, secretly; or maybe not so secretly, either way.

I love making things, all kinds of things. I love crocheting, and knitting, and cooking. I love crafts and painting and drawing. I love when things are homemade and I love vintage things too. I love the way they smell, and the way they look, and even just that they have been a part of someone else’s life.

Like our friendship, vintage things are a connection with a person who I might not ever meet. I don’t know who they were, or what they loved, but I have a connection with them. It makes me feel something good. I also love creating new things. I love the way oil paint smells. Oh and old books too. I’m a messy person. I like to dress up. I grew up on a little tiny farm and I’m a cowgirl at heart.

Since you got this far, I might as well tell you what you can expect from this blog. I promise I’ll only write about things I love. Chances are you won’t find anything about celery, unless I’m forced to use it in a recipe; and then it will be chopped in big pieces so I can pick it out. You won’t find anything about scary movies, unless my friends force me to watch them; then you might find a picture of me hiding under a blanket.

So here’s what you get. I’m going to write about homemade and vintage stuff. I’ll show and tell you about parts of my life and the people I am lucky enough to have in it. You might find really great art, or music, or any of the millions of projects I am always working on. I will show you handmade things; sometimes you’ll find tutorials on how to do them yourself. I will show you my trips to thrift stores and anything great I find there. You will get to see my favorite things; sometimes clothing, sometimes home décor, whatever.  So if you’re interested, keep reading. Come back once in a while. Come back every day if you’d like. I’ll be here. Let’s see where this goes.

Love, Rachael