Oh Monday.

Disclaimer: If you are a member of my family, please skip over this blog until after Christmas so as not to spoil your gifts.

Monday’s are the start of the week. They are the day at work that I am supposed to play catch up on all of the paperwork that spilled over from last week. I have time in the morning to finish this work, plan my day, and accomplish stuff. This is not what I use my Monday’s for. Call me a slacker if you want, but the work does actually get done; usually before Monday night. Instead, I choose to use Monday mornings to explore my favorite blogs, think of new creative ideas, and do a little planning. For whatever reason, Monday’s always seem inspiring.

Almost every single day I visit these blogs:







They are some of my favorites.

Tomorrow is craft night. If I haven’t mentioned already that I do this, I do. Usually every Tuesday night, Meg and Kristyn come over and we do a craft. I’m hoping to post some of these as DIY tutorials. I am poor, but also thoughtful, so most of the gifts I am giving this Christmas are homemade. Since I am also a procrastinator, I am playing catch up. Tomorrow we are making homemade soaps, bath salts, and sugar scrubs. I am really excited. I have also been extremely busy knitting and crocheting for the holidays. As if all of these crafts won’t take up enough time, I’ve decided I want to skip wrapping paper and come up with some creative way of packaging my gifts this year. I have so many ideas brewing!

Although I am overflowing with everything holly and jolly, I am still very genuinely excited for Christmas. I am going to keep enjoying the season with friends and family. I am still looking forward to winter festivities! I want to see the Christmas lights at Nay Aug Park while sipping hot chocolate! I want to go ice skating and snowboarding! I want to bundle up and get caught in a snow storm. What are you looking forward to?

Love, Rachael


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