The most wonderful time of the year

I really love winter. I love the busyness and the bustle. I love the twinkling lights, the holiday cheer, the overall feeling of merriness. It’s not just that I really love Christmas, which I do. I really, really love Christmas. It’s not just that I like snow, or presents, or the food. I love the entire season. I love everything about it. I love spending time with friends and family. I love wrapping all of the presents that I bought last minute. I love bundling up to my nose in winter gear, and I love snuggling under the covers.

Winter is the one season that I really go all out. As soon as it starts to get cold, I fill up to the brim with excitement. My mind gets filled with thoughts of ice skating, sleigh riding, and snowball fights. All I can think about is Christmas carols, hot chocolate, and Eskimo kisses. Everything just feels different this time of year. Strangers smile more and everyone just seems happier.

Last Christmas was very special to me. I got to spend the holiday with people in my life who are no longer there. This year I am in a much different place and sometimes I feel nostalgic. As the holiday season approaches, I am very happy to be surrounded with the people I love. Winter seems to make time pass slower and everything feels more genuine. This season, I am going to remember to slow down, to take each breath in and then let it out. I am going to fully enjoy every single moment I am given with the people I love.

Next year will be different than this year, but these changes are what life is made of. Bundled up together, they make up the moments in our lives. They are moments I will tell my kids about someday. Sometimes people come into our lives and sometimes people leave. Old traditions are forgotten, and eventually, new traditions become old ones.

So for right now, here is to living. Here is to the people and traditions that have passed on. Here is to the new ones to come, and the memories we will create. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Love, Rachael


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